2 faces of Bolivia: in the mountains snowing, in the lowlands wildfires!

Only before a few days, we informed about extraordinary snowing in higher elevated municipalities in Bolivia and Peru /https://mkweather.com/bolivia-and-peru-under-the-snow-snowing-appeared-in-metropolitan-areas-too//.

After a severe coldwave, came heatwave, and in the region of northern Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, and western Brazil, winter temperatures up to +37/+38°C appeared, including Bolivia /https://mkweather.com/snowstorm-in-punta-arenas-chile-meanwhile-rivadavia-northern-argentina-380c-in-the-winter//.

In Bolivian lowlands, in the last period, contrary to the mountains, severe wildfires appeared.

According to the newest information, around 12 200 hectares were destroyed.

A ranch worker has been killed by wildfires in the Bolivian Pantanal, becoming the first fatal victim of the 2021 fire season in Bolivia in the last days.

Currently, the next extreme coldwave is shifting above the region, which should mean worsening conditions for wildfires and the next potential frosts in lower situated regions /https://mkweather.com/snow-in-brazil-hit-larger-areas-than-usual-sao-paulo-the-2nd-coldest-temperature-in-20-years-43c//.

If however in lowlands far on the north stays very dry weather, wildfires should be regenerating during the next months – with a peak of wildfire season in mid-Autumn 2021.

Source: wxcharts.com
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