A tornado hit Tucapel, central Chile!

A big weather changes in South America, from extreme coldwaves with frosts and snow to subsequent heatwaves with 40°C temperatures and drought /https://mkweather.com/after-devastating-frosts-and-snowing-hottest-winter-times-ever-paraguay-409c-brazil-404c-argentina-392c-and-uruguay-340c/; https://mkweather.com/parana-river-with-the-lowest-levels-in-80-years-after-frosts-in-brazil-prices-of-coffee-on-a-6-year-high/; https://mkweather.com/snow-in-brazil-hit-larger-areas-than-usual-sao-paulo-the-2nd-coldest-temperature-in-20-years-43c/; https://mkweather.com/bolivia-and-peru-under-the-snow-snowing-appeared-in-metropolitan-areas-too// brought in central Chile untraditional winter tornado event.

On Thursday, 19. August 2021 was Chile still sank to winter and after the heatwave, which shifted above Brazil-Argentina-Paraguay-Uruguay /link above/, the next cold front with a cooldown arrived.

In Tucapel, Bio region, central Chile, winter tornado destroyed 20 – 30 homes and caused the next damages on property and ecosystems in a populated area.

The local mayor is stressed that ONEMI still did not qualify for the event as a tornado, but both he and area residents saw it /https://newsfounded.com/chileeng/at-least-20-damaged-houses-give-way-to-an-alleged-tornado-in-the-tucapel-district-national/; https://www.biobiochile.cl/noticias/nacional/region-del-bio-bio/2021/08/19/al-menos-20-viviendas-con-danos-deja-paso-de-supuesto-tornado-en-la-comuna-de-tucapel.shtml/.

The region reported around Thursday, 19. August severe thunders and hailstorms, which were bringing damaging winds.

During the 3rd August decade, the next severe coldwave is forecasted firstly for Patagonia, then for moderate and subtropical climate zones in South America, all after record temperatures up to +40,9°C in Paraguay, +40,5°C in northern Argentina (updated – Rivadavia), +40,4°C in Brazil (Cuiabá) and +34,0°C in Uruguay.

South America during Winter 2021 experienced the strongest changes of weather across the Southern Hemisphere, and alternating of frosts with heatwaves hit mainly Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.


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