All-time August record for Morocco: +49,3°C. Colder weather along the coast of North Africa should arrive around 29.8.-6.9.

The value of the national record of maximum August temperature for Morocco was modified to +49,3°C (Taroudant, 15. August 2021). Extremely hot was in Agadir, Morocco, too, +49,1°C /

After series of anomalously hot days, all northern Africa, from Morocco, through Algeria and Tunisia, to Libya hit wildfires. Wildfires in Algeria were fortunately relatively quickly under control after a deadly outbreak around 10. August 2021 /

During the next period, minimally until 28. August 2021, a continuing heatwave in the region is forecasted, but with maximum temperatures a little lower such as record temperatures, mostly around +47°C in the hottest regions. Some daily temperature records however will be possible.

The colder surprise should arrive from Europe / around 29. August – 6. September 2021, when into Noth-African coast should move colder air with Arctic origin.

Meanwhile, in parts of Sahel, deadly floods are continuing /the next links are here: and in South Africa is ending a coldwave /, but around 28. August, the next extreme Antarctic outbreak is forecasted.

During September and in southern Sahara later in October, extremely hot weather should persist, while during Autumn AO- / NAO- phases, mainly around mid-Autumn 2021, Mediterranean lows should bring into North-African coast coldwaves with rainfall, cloudiness, wind, colder daily temperatures and floods, while in Atlans should appear the first snow of season 2021/2022.

Illustration photo: sources in Tweets below


10-day forecast for In-Salah, Algeria /
10-day forecast for Jendouba, Tunisia /
10-day forecast fo rMarrakesh, Morocco /
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