Blizzard in the Alps! Up to 2 meters of fresh snow!

Winter weather already hit not only in Spain and Portugal /, but significant cooldown with amounts of snow was in the last days reported from the Alps, too.

Buffalora in Switzerland (1970 MASL) on Saturday, 6. November reported almost -20°C (-19,5°C) and temperature is still descreasing.

In Andermatt, Switzerland (1442 MASL), temperature reached already -16,5°C and until the Sunday´s morning should be even lower.

All near mostly around 50 – 100, locally up to 200 cm of snow, which covered the Alps during a blizzard situation in the last days.

Only at the start of November 2021 the Alps reported almost summer +24,6°C (update) near foehn situation /

The next severe Arctic blasts for almost all Europe are forecasted already in the 2nd and the 3rd November 2021 decade, with a possibility of extreme frosts up to -25°C in Alpine valleys below 1000 MASL according to some runs of GFS (including main run) /

More about forecasted coldwaves and snowing in Europe you should read here:;

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