• African air in Europe: Cordoba +28,3°C, Paris +25,5°C, Vienna +24,8°C, Diepenbeek +24,4°C, London +24,3°C

    Although the peak of the first European heatwave in Spring 2021 is expected to Wednesday, 31. March, in some parts to Thursday, 1. April 2021, already on Monday and Tuesday were measured across Europe interesting values of maximum temperature. Already on Monday, southwestern France reported +28,0°C and on Tuesday, temperature ...
  • Hot air from Mexico (+46,7°C) has shifted above Florida (+35°C), Virginia (+30°C) and New York ...

    Although already in a few days, severe coldwave will come above East Coast, the USA /https://mkweather.com/new-york-with-the-last-snowing-and-severe-frosts-before-an-easter-cold// and Midwest experiences with the next tornado outbreaks /https://mkweather.com/deadly-tornadoes-in-the-usa-possible-3-storm-systems-until-1-april-expected//, East Coast hit around Friday, 26. March 2021 extreme warm spell with summer, in Mid-Atlantic and Florida even tropical and supertropical temperatures. This air has ...
  • Turkey: extreme coldwave with snowstorm, Ankara and Istanbul under the snow, -25°C possible

    While Europe is preparing for extreme warm spell, with summer, in the Spain, Portugal and Italy regionally tropical temperatures (above +25°C / +30°C: https://mkweather.com/the-first-european-heatwave-in-2021-estimates-of-national-top-temperatures/), Turkey hit extremely cold cyclonic weather with snowing and severe frosts. In some parts of the country, snow and severe frosts will stay until early April ...
  • Europe: The strongest frosts hit at the weekend (20.-21. March), in valleys in Czechia and ...

    The last powerful winter season coldwave in Europe is here and area from Scandinavia to the Spain and Portugal are preparing for really strong frosts. The strongest should be this late-winter attack in Czechia and France, where in frost valleys at the weekend, -20°C is possible to reach, very rarely ...
  • The earliest +40°C in Oman, UAE and Qatar in history!

    Only before a few days, the earliest +40°C in history was measured in United Arab Emirates (+41,3°C on 5. March 2021: https://mkweather.com/united-arab-emirates-411c-hot-spring-has-come-very-early/) and on Friday and Saturday, 12.-13. March 2021, the next "the earliest +40°C" were observed in Oman and Qatar. The hottest in United Arab Emirates was in Al Tawi ...
  • Southern Finland -38,9°C: The coldest national minimum temperature in March since 1998!

    Extreme Siberian winter surprised Europe on 10. March 2021! While from the west, damaging windstorm is moving towards many countries /https://mkweather.com/damaging-windstorm-100-160-km-h-hits-london-dublin-manchester-amsterdam-hamburg-copenhagen-oslo-already-next-hours//, continent was on Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.-10. March 2021 still sinked into extreme Siberian coldwave. While over central parts Europe were temperatures milder, e.g. Liesek, Slovakia on Tuesday -13,7°C ...
  • Texas under the snow

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  • Southeastern USA!

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  • Spanish mountains :O

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  • Toledo, Spain, at the weekend

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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30-40 cm of snow

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  • Ifrane, Atlas, Morocco

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  • Halo effect in Czech republic!

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  • Sardinian mountains!

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  • Fogs in Israel

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  • Wales, the UK!

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  • Italy, Abertone

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  • Hungary ❄❄❄

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  • Madrid! ❄❄❄❄❄‼

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  • Madrid after weekend´s snowstorm!!! ❄❄❄❄❄‼‼‼

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  • Italy ❄❄❄

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  • Sebia, too with floods

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  • Extreme winter in Japan

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  • Bulgaria after warm days with floods

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