Confirmed: Invasion from Siberia in Europe! One of the coldest times in Europe in the 3rd millennium!

It´s already black on white. Meteorological models are already almost 10 days forecasting extreme Siberian winter in Europe and forecasts are furthermore promising bone-chilling Siberian winter in all European countries, including the warmest southwestern parts!

“Meteorological agencies across Europe expect one of the strongest cold blasts in continent after 2000 – comparable with legendary 2002, 2010 or 2012 cold blasts, which brought many temperature and snowfall records!”

Forecasts from last days, therefore, have been confirmed /;;

According to the latest forecasts, Siberian winter should hit in Europe in 3 or 4 peaks:

  • in western Europe (the UK, Ireland, the Spain, Portugal) already 6.-11. January 2021
  • in large parts of Europe around 15. January 2021
  • absolute peak of Winter 2020/2021 in northern, eastern, central Europe and Balkan around 20. January 2021
  • last possible peak in eastern parts of continent around 25. January 2021

“It needs to underline, that absolute national temperature records should be 10-15°C lower, than are showing averaged GFS outputs (hills averaged with frost valleys).”

In western parts of a continent, excessive winter conditions will peak already during next 5 days – while in British Islands are expected next snowfall events and subsequent frosts in Scotland around -15°C /, Spain hits during next days extreme winter blizzard, with expected 30 – 50 cm, snowfall in Madrid and up to 1 meter of snow in low situated regions in central and eastern Spain /

Not only half, but almost all territory of Spain will find itself under the snow, moreover, new GFS outputs expect stronger frosts such as last days, not -15, not -20°C, but in regions with deep snow cover and clear skies in Siberian air masses almost -10°C in 850 Hpa up to -25°C!

Winter will be stronger, than was expected in France and Germany, too – too up to -25°C in low situated basins and valleys.

Extreme winter is confirming for Central Europe and northeastern Balkan – together with Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic states and Turkey are expected frosts below -30°C – mainly in basins and valleys in Carpathians, Dinaric Mountains, but too in lowlands in eastern Europe neighboring with Russia. Similarly, below -30°C temperatures are forecasted for eastern Turkey and Caucasus.

Scandinavia very probably reach temperatures less than -40°C, maybe -45°C, again and northern European Russia have to be prepared for unsurvivable frosts up to -50°C!

Mkweather will watch updates of GFS and ECMWF models and will bring fresh news about current forecasts in next days. Stay safe and be prepared for next very freezing scenarios.


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