Florida with +30°C / 86°F, New York under the snow, floods shifted to Southeast

Powerful cold front is a reason of more extreme events across eastern USA – a blizzard in Northeast /https://mkweather.com/spring-2021-starts-in-northeast-and-great-lakes-region-with-extreme-frosts//, floods shifting from Kentucky /https://mkweather.com/kentucky-hit-severe-floods-coldwave-for-northeast-is-prepared// above Southeast and tropical temperatures in Florida, too.

While parts of New York state and other northeastern states reported last days a powerful Arctic blast, Florida should enjoy tropical summer weather with temperatures in central parts little more than +30°C / 86°F.

While Northeast was already after transition of powerful cold front, Florida stayed on its front side, in extremely warm air, with local temperature records.

The worst floods from storms on this cold front were reported from Kentucky, but too from West Virginia and flood risk has gradually shifted above Southeast, with powerful cooldown in Florida.

After cold and humid period, from central parts of the continent will spread up to East Coast relatively storng warm spell during the next 10 days, however western USA, including California, expects rainy and cold spring weather pattern. Cold air should come to eastern parts of the USA during the second March 2021 decade.

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