Nor´easter has brought up to 47 cm / 18.4 inches of snow

Mainly New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts were hit by the first Nor´easter of a season with a full power.

While on the coast have been observed heavy rains, in continental parts of northeasternmost states of the USA, really blizzard conditions has brought big snow accumulations not only in the mountains, but too in lower situated areas.

The most of snow has fallen in Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, 47 cm / 18.4 cm.

Next localities with heavy snowfall are in Maine – Carrabassett with 46 m / 18.0 inches, Monson with 38 cm / 15 inches, Randolph with 37 cm / 14.4 inches and Chesuncook with 36 cm / 14 inches.

In Caribou, Maine, maximum temperature on Monday reached only -1,7°C / 28.9°F.

Mkweather found some materials from situation during and after first Nor´easter of a winter season 2020/2021 (photos, videos, tweets, maps…) – from photos is seen, that it was relative solid blizzard, regionally, with cars under the snow and widespread travel limitations and power outages.

After a blizzard in Northeast, next severe coldwave is prepared for Southeast (already on Tuesday, 8. November 2020) and next blizzard in Upper Midwest at the weekend expected. These events will be topics of next Mkweather articles.

1st Nor'easter Of The Season Brings Much Needed Snow- PHOTO TOUR |  Unofficial Networks

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