Oymyakon: The hottest June day ever, +31,6°C / 88.9°F!

The 3rd and 4th heat domes in Northern Hemisphere, after Europe and western USA and Canada, have created above Siberia.

In Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on the Earth, the maximum temperature on 29. June 2021 reached +31,6°C, which is more than +31,1°C measured in 1966. It´s a value of a new all-time June temperature record for the station.

About anomalous situation in Siberia informed a few professional watchers on Twitter and Accuweather.

According to the Wxcharts tool, 4 regions with big positive temperature anomalies were observed around the Northern Hemisphere on 30. June 2021 – 1. Historic anomaly above Canada and the USA (west); 2. Record heatwave above eastern and southern Europe; 3. Anomaly above Ural region and 4. Anomaly above the northern Far East.

The average June maximum temperature for Oymyakon is only +20,0°C, while the absolute maximum temperature (from July) is +34,6°C at the station.

Winter records are moving up to -67,7°C from 6. February 1933, unofficial record -71,2°C came from the year 1924 and some unofficial records are saying about even lower temperatures, around -77°C.

For comparison, Summit station in Greenland has an official record low temperature -63,3°C (4°C warmer) or Verkhoyansk -67,6°C (0,1°C warmer).

In Verkhoyansk however, in June 2020, anomalous +38,0°C was measured /https://mkweather.com/38c-101f-behind-polar-circle-in-siberia-5-years-after-unprecedent-event-with-40c-104f-in-nunavut-northern-canada//.

Temperatures in Oymyakon in the summer months should be sometimes really freezing, e.g. in August 2020, the temperature suddenly dropped almost to -10°C /https://mkweather.com/oymyakon-96c-147f-36c-from-absolute-august-record-this-year-the-autumn-season-came-to-the-republic-of-yakutia-early//.

Illustration photo: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7447/16399440661_eba0a4a027_o.jpg
The biggest positive temperature anomalies across North Hemisphere on 30. June 2021. Source: wxcharts.com
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