Peak of winter in Turkey, Agri -34,5°C

Before a few days, we have informed about temperatures up to -32°C in Turkey and -30°C in Ukraine / The lowest temperatures were reported form Erzurum and Bolu regions.

At the weekend – mainly on Saturday, even stronger frosts hit parts of Turkey and temperatures in Agri (1632 MASL) dropped to -34,5°C and maximum temperature in populated Turkish city reached only -22,6°C!

Extremely cold was already on Friday (from -31,6°C to -18,7°C), but too on Sunday (from -33,1°C to -18,1°C).

Erzurum reported -28,9°C on Friday, Ardahan -28,1°C on Saturday, Kars -29,0°C on Saturday or Mus -25,8°C on Sunday.

From Agri 42 cm and from Mas (1320 MASL) 58 cm of snow has been reported during last days.

Extreme witner hit Caucasian countries too. In Armenia, -26,2°C was measured in Ashotsk (1878 MASL) or -18,2°C in Yerevan (854 MASL), in Akhaltsikhe, Gerogia -14,0°C (994 MASL) and in Maraza, Azerbayian -7,4°C (755 MASL).

Coldwave is gradually shifted eastward above Central Asia.

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Author: marekkucera
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