Plombières-les-Bai, France: 60 cm accmulations of hail!

Severe storms are back and many parts of Europe report extreme weather events associated with storm activity, such as extreme hailstorms, gusting winds, flash floods from heavy rains, damaging lighting, or even tornadoes!

From European storms, in the last hours, we are choosing within the current series of articles the most extreme events.

While during the first round of storms during last decade, appeared in France really impressive events /;, the second round is bringing comparable extreme incidents.

In Plombières-les-Bai, France, a 60 cm accumulation of hails was created after extreme storms on Tuesday, 29. June 2021.

While some parts of a region were flooded, some streets were covered by anomalously high accumulation of large hails, which had to be removed by heavy machinery.

Words are sometimes useless, therefore try to look at videos below the content of the article – some passages are really shocking.

Extreme storms bother almost all continental Europe from France to Moscow region, last days and during the next period, they will be shifting gradually eastward, with another expected life-threatening events until 10. July 2021.

After the storm round, the 3rd peak of Summer 2021 heatwaves will come above the continent already around 6.-14. July 2021 /

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Author: marekkucera
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