Saudi Arabia +51,0°C, UAE +50,8°C: only 0,7 / 0,5°C below national August records!

Such we forecasted a few days ago /, the Middle East has sunk into the next extreme period of heatwaves.

Forecasts are extremely hot into late September and in the last days, temperatures were very close to all-time August records.

Anomalously hot was in Saudi Arabia, +51,0°C in Dammam – all-time record for the city and 0,7°C below national August record, which is an all-time national record, too.

In Sweihan, United Arab Emirates, +50,8°C was measured, which is only 0,5°C below the all-time August national record and 1,0°C below the all-time national record.

In the next period, the next important temperature records should be overcome, or Middle East countries will be only close to their breaking.

Meanwhile above North Africa, extreme wildfires and heatwaves continue /;;

The Mediterranean in Europe reports historic heatwaves, too /;;

The situation should change mainly around October, with possible AO-/NAO- phases, cooldown and cyclonic weather with Mediterranean lows shifting eastward, above the region.

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Author: marekkucera
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