Siberia with the coldest September temperatures in history, Delyankir, -22,0°C!

Extreme frosts appeared according to expectations in many parts of Siberia and in Mongolia, while southern Central Asia experiences still anomalously hot weather (Tajikistan up to +41,0°C). Blizzard surprised in the last period already parts of the Caucasus and mountains in Turkey, too, while Dagestan, SW Russia reported severe floods.

The most interesting extremes in the wider region are severe frosts in Eastern Siberia.

In Delyankir, the minimum temperature on 28. September 2021 dropped to -22,0°C what is the coldest September day in the village in all-time history!

Ilirnej reported -17,7°C and Oymyakon -16,1°C.

Extreme frosts hit already Mongolia, too, with temperatures up to -17,6°C, before an upcoming warm spell.

These conditions were long-termly expected in ECMWF’s 6-week forecast /

Meanwhile, Caucasus and mountains in Turkey are after the first blizzard of the year. Near Mt. Elbrus, 5 climbers were found dead in unfavorable weather, while Dagestan in lowlands northward reported severe floods.

It appears, that Winter 2021/2022 is slowly coming and thanks to the relatively cold Arctic / it should be the next interesting winter across Northern Hemisphere.

Frosts above Siberia during October 2021 should be even stronger, warmer weather is forecasted in Europe and Western Siberia only around the end of the month or early November 2021, with some possible warming effect in central and eastern parts of Siberia.

Source: Russian Meteorological Agency
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