Snowing in Mexico after super 200-year cold blast in the USA

This week, extreme October coldwave hit USA. In Montana, the lowest temperature in the USA in the month October ever has been measured (-33,0°C / 29.2°F) / and some regions in central USA hit arctic days, with maximum temperatures under -10°C /;

Winter conditions like this never have appeared in the USA in October minimally since year 1800 and severe blizzard hit southern USA too, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas or New Mexico.

In Oklahoma, Kansas and northern Texas, ice storm brought lot of problems with power outages, in traffic and with fallen trees, more westward made problems heavy snowfall, which shifted from Texas and New Mexico with the cold air to the northern and mountainous parts of Mexico.

According, in Chihuahua, Mexico (1413 MASL) has snowed extremely early near temperatures up to -8°C this week, after cold blast moved from central USA above Mexico.

Coldwave hit northern parts of Mexico in the time, when in Yucatán raged hurricane Zeta.

According to forecasts, dry and warm weather has returned over northern and central Mexico gradually, but south expects impact of next possible hurricane – Eta / Next possible cold blast in northern Mexico is possible around 10. November (cold air from western USA). Any major tropical threats aren´t until 16. November expected.


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Author: marekkucera
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