• Germany +36,2°C so far, the weekend will be hellish, up to +37/+38°C is possible

    While Sweden on Friday, 18. June 2021 experiences with the hottest June day since 1947 /Sweden: The hottest June day since 1947, +34,6°C! - mkweather/, in Germany, 20 meteorological stations reported maximum temperatures above +35,0°C. The hottest was in Bernburg and Waghäusel, western Germany, +36,2°C. From bigger cities in the ...
  • LA region in fire risk again

  • Los Angeles on fire: Silverado and Blue Ridge fires threaten the city, 100 000 evacuated

    Although colder air from north came to LA, too and on Tuesday morning meteorologists has measured +11,7°C (53.1°F), afternoon temperatures up to +24,0°C (75.2°F) and sunny, very dry weather with fresh winds are still good conditons to spreading wildfires. In southern parts of California despite of extreme coldwave temperatures are ...
  • Brush fires prompt mandatory evacuations near LA