• Winter fairytale in Ohio ❄

  • Blizzard in Cleveland: Thompson in Ohio 65 cm / 25.5 inches

    Northeast and parts of Midwest hit superstorm last days, with significant cooling effect in Northern Plains and southern USA, too. While on 30. November dropped in Washington D.C. 60,3 mm of rain, wind gusts in New York reached 93 km/h and in North Platte meteorologists measured -16,7°C, on 1. and ...
  • Ohio, extreme snowfall

  • Snowy day near Cleveland ❄️❄️❄️

  • Lake effect in Ohio - superstorm should bring 30 cm / 12 inches of snow

    Severe storms are already shifting above southern and southeastern USA northeastward and already next 4, days, they will go through all eastern coast including Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, eastern Midwest, Great Lakes region and parts of Ontario and Quebec, with peak in Northeast around Monday 30. November - Tuesday 1. December 2020. ...