Terrible weekend hailstorms in Germany and the Netherlands

Between two periods with extreme coldwaves in Europe /the first period with -38,9°C in Finland, -22,1°C in Czechia and below -10,0°C in Belgium: https://mkweather.com/southern-finland-389c-the-coldest-national-minimum-temperature-in-march-since-1998/; https://mkweather.com/finland-30c-czechia-22c-belgium-10c-siberian-air-is-back/; the second expected period with around -20°C in Czechia again and possible -20°C in France: https://mkweather.com/europe-the-strongest-frosts-hits-at-the-weekend-20-21-march-in-valleys-in-czechia-and-france-20c-possible/; https://mkweather.com/last-strong-winter-attack-coldwave-with-snowing-and-severe-frosts-for-16-22-in-europe-confirmed//, a warmer days with a windstorm appeared around last weekend (13.-14. March 2021) /https://mkweather.com/strong-winds-from-poland-to-italy-sardegna-and-corsica-almost-200-km-h-3-level-of-warnings/; https://mkweather.com/136-european-stations-from-international-exchange-database-with-winds-100-162-km-h-on-thursday/; https://mkweather.com/damaging-windstorm-100-160-km-h-hits-london-dublin-manchester-amsterdam-hamburg-copenhagen-oslo-already-next-hours//.

Windstorm hasn´t brought only severe winds, but on cold front, severe storms with relatively large hails have appeared in Germany and the Netherlands.

A few videos from this event and additional Twitter material from the storm we are bringing in Infographics below.

In some cities, hails had diameter around 3 cm and heavy rain or hailstorm flooded the streets.

In other regions, the first lighting activity of the year appeared or severe winds made a lot of damages.

Now, a big coldwave in Europe has begun and the next round of possible storms should arrive around an Easter 2021, when expected very warm period will be ending /https://mkweather.com/before-an-easter-will-come-warm-spell-first-25c-of-the-year-in-contiental-europe//.

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Author: marekkucera
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