Wednesday in Slovakia, -21,4°C, after storm Justine, next -20°C possibility on Sunday and Monday in Central Europe

Already in the article about 11-year frosts in Shetland / we mentioned, that in Wednesday morning, in Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa, central Slovakia, -21,4°C was measured /SHMU/, what is for now, the lowest temperature of milder, next peak of winter in Central Europe.

Next similar frosts are forecasted for the coldest basins and valleys in Central Europe around Sunday and Monday, 31. January and 1. Feburary 2021, when similar temperatures will be possible.

It is about 8,3°C higher temperature such as extreme -29,7°C from Biebrzy, Poland, 19. January 2021, however it´s really deep below zero, therefore we should summarize, that coldwave has arrived, but it is weaker and milder.

This cold pattern have started last weekend with snowy situation in London and Paris /; and until Monday, 1. Feburary, next 2 storms, in continental parts of Europe with snowing, are expected.

After storm Justine, bringing significant snowfall to parts of Central Europe from Friday to Saturday, 29.-30. January 2021, cold and drier air will shift over the Alps and the Carpathians, with mentioned possibility of -20°C frosts on last January 2021 and first Feburary 2021 day.

Into western Europe, expected 2 storms bring mainly rain, but large parts of the UK will see the snow again.

Larger peak is for now expected in parts of Europe between 5.-20. Feburary (depending on the region) / and still is here a hope for overcoming of threshold -30,0°C in lower situated mountainous basins (500 – 1000, max. up to 1200 MASL) or lowlands in Poland, respectively.

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