June 13, 2024


Mkweather will publish original scientific materials – the next output is investigating the frequency of natural hazards during synoptic situations in Slovakia in various periods between 1951-2019 according to Bradka´s (Czech-Slovakian) Catalogue by efficiency coefficient with values above 1.0 (same approach such as Kyselý, 2007 near heatwaves and coldwaves).

Significant/important values are indexed by intuitive symbols (sun, cloudiness, arrow up/down – increase/decrease of pressure) or letters: F – fires/wildfires, H – hot periods, above 90. percentile, D – dry periods, I – ice melting, W – wind, P – precipitation, wet periods, C – cold periods, below 10. percentile, S – snow cover.

Right down, H C P D table – colors for tables below
* color according to H, C, P, D correspondence