• Extreme floods in Spain, 372 mm / 24 hours

    Another powerful extra-tropical storm has appeared in very southern parts of Northern Atlantic, despite of current AO+/NAO+ phase. Powerful cyclone is bringing heavy rain and storms to Spain, Portugal and France, with regionally exceptionally precipitation amounts. In Carcaixent, Valencia province, according to aemet.es fell on Thursday, 5. November 222 mm ...
  • This has left from the car after floods and landslides in Georgia, Caucasus

    Severe floods and landslides hit Caucasian country, Georgia last week. After heavy rains from cold front on 1. October associated with windstorm, a colossal landslides hit Adjara region, southwestern Georgia. In the village of Jocho, Khelvachauri municipality it swept away a house and a vehicle. After and event, several people ...
  • Italy 😱😱😱

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  • Lot of vehicles in the Gulf Coast had problems

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