Croatia summer +25,8°C, remnants of Indian summer until 10. November

Very warm air has shifted during Wedensday and Thursday from central Europe to eastern and southeastern Europe, with regional very high temperature maximum temperatures.

Maybe last summer day was measured on Wednesday in Croatia - in Split +25,8°C. Still is possibility of rarely summer temperatures in Croatia until 10. November.

Warm weather has reported Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday, too, in Neum +24,8°C or Montenegro, Bar +24,6°C.

In Greece was measured +26,8°C on Wednesday (Argos), in Albania +24,0°C on Thursday (Sazan Island).

Forecasts after 10. November count with powerful coldwave in Balkan, Italy, Black sea region, Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean, with frosts and regional snowy conditions.

Very warm air will shift gradually over northeastern Africa and Middle East, where should be measured tropical days over +30, rarely over 35°C.

Forecast of possible coldwave in Europe will be updated on Mkweather during the next days, last (Thursday´s) runs expect more southern and eastern track of cold air mass, than runs from Tuesday, but Wednesday´s runs were very favorable for extreme coldwave in almost all Europe.


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