Next tornado outbreak in cold air in northern parts of Europe

Tornadoes mostly occurred after transition of first European August windstorm - ex-Kyle or Ellen, above northern half of Europe between Sunday - Tuesday, 23.-25. August 2020.

Good conditions for creation of tornadoes of waterspouts were in cold air above warm seas and land during last 3 days.

Tornadoes were reported from Sunday in Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Germany. They have mostly narrow funnels, not such as near typical southern outbreaks with wider base.

Over Baltic a North sea region has flown very cold Arctic air during last days, on the back of windstorm. Temperatures in Sweden in Tuesday morning dropped up to -3,9°C in lower areas
Latnivaara, 453 MASL).

After next windstorm, Francis, probably won´t be so many tornado events, because area is already cold now and gradient between lower and upper air levels won´t be so large. But, over warm seas, next waterspout outbreak is soon possible.

ESWD reports from last week:

Photogallery of tornadoes in Europe, 18.-25.8.2020:

Poland, Bukowina, 25.8.2020:

Finland, Närpiö, 25.8.2020:

Finland, Sundom, 25.8.2020:

Lithuania, Nida, 25.8.2020:

Germany, Nordorf, 24.8.2020:

Germany, Fedderwardersiel, 24.8.2020:

Germany, Lanegoog, 24.8.2020:

Germany, Borkum, 24.8.2020:

Latvia, Jūrmalciems, 23.8.2020:

Lithuania, Rusné, 23.8.2020:

Germany, Sassnitz, 19.8.2020:

Ein Tornado kam am Mittowch dem Offshore-Windpark vor Sassnitz gefährlich nah.

Netherlands, Reuver, 18.8.2020:

France, Le Tréport, 18.7.2020:

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