Severe hailstorms hit Australia

Severe storms with extreme-sized hails was moving across Queensland, Australia during the last October 2020 days.

Hails were reported from Victoria and New South Wales too, but not so large such in Queensland (around 15 cm in diameter).

Extreme hailstorms were produced in unstable air mass in powerful cold front, which was moving above eastern half of Australia last week.

Hails were reported from Brisbane and Sydney, too.

“The situation is volatile and continues to change rapidly,” “Some of these storms move and form quickly, so people should consider whether they should be out or on the road at this time.” warned Bureau of Meteorology shortly before an event.

“These storms are a significant threat to property and life,” tweeted meteorologists.

Transition of the cold front was linked with severe wind gusts up to 115 km/h (Cape Moreton).

Supercelar storms has brought 300 000 lightning strikes in SE Queensland for 24 hours according to

Some incidents were really unexpected - in Springfield Lakes "the whole house collapsed". In other parts, it was "only" heavily damaged roofs or cars.

Next videos and photos are documenting a destructive force of an Australian hailstorm.


Photogallery: Jurnal de Vreme, FB,

Greenbank, Queensland:

Springfield Lakes, Queensland:

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