TRENDING: Three big brown bears cross a road in snowy Moran, Wyoming

Weather Nation published a trending video, where 3 brown bears cross a road in Rocky Mountains.

This incident happened in road in snowy scenery in Moran, Wyoming this week.

People immediately started to film a wild nature on their phones and deal with their videos with the public.

Through a road cross firstly one big brown bear, but after him, run next 2 bears and cross the snowy barrier.

Bears have only little problem with crossing of a snowdrifts next to the road.

Video has been published on Youtube and Facebook, both - on Youtube with big snowflakes in Idaho and tornado in Texas /

Denver, Colorado has experienced with a record snowfall on Tuesday, 24. November 2020 / and snowy situation hit other parts of Rockies last days.

However, some bears don´t sleep yet, because during the first half of November 2020 region hit extremely warm period of Indian summer /

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