1050 hPa Siberian high with -20°C frosts in Europe before Christmas?

Current situation in central Europe and Balkan is relatively calm, althought with winter blast accompanied with snowing and next decrease of temperatures.

Snow has appeared in southern parts of Balkan, too, e.g. in Sofia or Bucharest, Northern Macedonia has reported frosts below -10°C several last days (on Monday, 30. November 2020 in Gjuriste -10,2°C).

Interesting is linkage of COVID-19 cases in Greece with weather – while northern parts with severe frosts report extremely bad conditions, southern parts and islands, with 20°C warmer minimum temperatures are without bigger COVID-19 outbreak, therefore, people are delivered from hospitals from North to the South.

Severe frosts with snow reports Germany, too, even more, 2nd level of warnings before winter weather is valid untraditionally for southwestern regions (northeastern France too). In Bamberg temperatures dropped to -9,2°C, in Munich to -8,2°C an in Nurnberg to -8,1°C in Monday morning, Nancy in France reported -7,1°C.

Outlook until minimally 16. December is still very cold for Europe and chances for white Christmas were increased for western parts of Europe too /Christmas forecast for Europe will be on Mkweather updated every Friday – Saturday, last: https://mkweather.com/2020/11/28/must-see-white-christmas-2020-forecast-for-europe//.

In the half of December, extremely large Siberian blocking anticyclone with pressure 1050 hPa above Europe is according to newest outputs GFS forecasted, what should mean severe frosts in many parts of Europe, including British Islands, France or basins and valleys in Italy and Spain!

According to snow forecast tool, heavy snowfall should next period appear in France too, and snowing is expected in England, northern and central Spain and northern Italy, too.

T850 hPa should above Eastern Carpathians and Ukraine dropped below -15°C according to outputs what means really severe frosts, under -20°C in Poland, Slovakia and Romania and under -25°C in Ukraine.

Mkweather will watch extreme outputs of GFS and brings fresh news, about probability of white Christmas, too.

30. November – Sofia, Bulgaria under the snow /Jurnal de Vreme FB:

Infographics: meteoalarm.eu, CHMI, wxcharts.com, wetterzentrale.de, tropicaltidbits.com

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