16327 lighting strikes and 367 new fires for 4 days in California, Phoenix 42 days over 110°F (43°C) + photos of the biggest Southwest fires

On the Southwest and West is situation critical. Except of excessive and record-breaking heatwave, with temperatures the highest on Earth minimally past last 90 years /https://mkweather.com/2020/08/17/right-now-death-valley-with-the-hottest-ever-recorded-temperature-on-the-planet-or-minimally-since-1931-130f-54-4c//, the storms iniciating the next wildfires have occurred above large parts of Southwest and West of US.

Only in California, between Saturday, 15. August and Tuesday, 18. August 2020, hit 16327 lighting strikes, which iniciated 367 new fires in the country. Large wildfires bothers lot of states in Southwest/West, these days.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, has measured already 42 days, with maximum temperature above 110°F (43°C) during this summer season. Previous record from 2011 is only 33 days. Record from Phoenix only documents, how extreme current summer season in Southwest, but across the whole territory of US, is.

In Las Vegas, next 5 consecutive record-breaking days is expected till Sunday, 23. August 2020. Rest of extreme heatwave will arrive only during next week.

Photo and material documentation of topic heatwave and fires in Southwest /Accuweather, Weaher Nation, Wunderground/:

Apple Fire
Lake Fire
Loyalton Fire




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