2 windstorms to strike UK during August for first time in 30 years

A power of the current Atlantic hurricane season documents a fact, that windstorms Ellen and Francis (ex-tropical storms Kyle and Josephine), which in very short time hit Europe, create a situation, when 2 windstorms bother European continent for first time in 30 years so early - during August.

Windstorms are typical for Europe during autumn months, when is hurricane activity over Atlantic on the peak. They can occur too during winter thanks to rapid cyclogenesis over Icelandic low pressure area. During the spring and summer are relative rarely.

Storm Francis hits during next 48 hours many coutries in Europe /see previous article: /https://mkweather.com/2020/08/24/windstorm-hits-france-benelux-germany-czechia-poland-austria-slovakia-and-hungary-too-during-the-next-72-hours// including Germany, Poland or southern countries of Central Europe.

According to Accuweather it brings more severe gusts as GFS forecasted, up to 145 km/h (90 mph) over British Isles and 97 km/h (60 mph) over northern Germany.

Potential floods are possible in the borders of England, Wales and Scotland with precipitation amounts up to 125 mm (5 inches).

A new windstorm season in Europe is beginning on 1. September 2020 and it appears, that it will be very powerful /https://mkweather.com/2020/08/22/europe-autumn-2020-forecast-mkweather-accuweather-maps-and-analysis//.

2019–20 European windstorm season - Wikipedia
Windstrorms of windstorm season 2019-2020 in Europe /https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_European_windstorm_season
StormDates activeHighest wind gustLowest pressureFatalities (+missing)DamageAffected areas
Lorenzo2–4 October163 km/h (101 mph)966 mbar (28.5 inHg)11 (+7)£283 million (€336 million)AzoresEastern United States (while a hurricane), IrelandUnited Kingdom
Amélie1–4 November189 km/h (117 mph)972 mbar (28.7 inHg)1£80 million (€90 million)FranceSpainItaly
Bernardo10–11 November111 km/h (69 mph)996 mbar (29.4 inHg)1SpainAlgeria
Cecilia18–23 November163 km/h (101 mph)974 mbar (28.8 inHg)0Spain
Atiyah4–9 December150.1 km/h (93.3 mph)956 mbar (28.2 inHg)0£40 million (€48 million)IrelandUnited KingdomNetherlandsFrance
Daniel15–20 December135 km/h (84 mph)982 mbar (29.0 inHg)0PortugalSpain
Elsa13–20 December168 km/h (104 mph)961 mbar (28.4 inHg)8£170 million (€200 million)PortugalSpainFranceUnited KingdomIrelandNorway
Fabien16–23 December206 km/h (128 mph)963 mbar (28.4 inHg)0£170 million (€200 million)PortugalSpainFrance
Brendan11–17 January182 km/h (113 mph)940 mbar (27.8 inHg)1£2 million (€2.3 million)IrelandUnited KingdomBelgiumNetherlandsSpainFrance
Gloria15–20 January133 km/h (83 mph)993 mbar (29.3 inHg)25 (+4)£150 million (€180 million)PortugalSpain
Hervé3–6 February195 km/h (121 mph)990 mbar (29.2 inHg)3SpainFranceItalyAustriaCzech Republic
Ciara4–12 February219.0 km/h (136.1 mph)943 mbar (27.8 inHg)18To be confirmedIrelandUnited KingdomBelgiumThe NetherlandsGermany
Inès11–14 February132 km/h (82 mph)976 mbar (28.8 inHg)0France
Dennis12–20 February230.0 km/h (142.9 mph)920 mbar (27 inHg)6 (+1)To be confirmedIrelandUnited KingdomBelgiumThe NetherlandsGermany
Jorge25 February–5 March952 mbar (28.1 inHg)0United KingdomIrelandIceland
Karine2–4 March982 mbar (29.0 inHg)0FranceSpainItaly
Leon29 February–1 March990 mbar (29.2 inHg)0SpainFranceBelgium
Myriam29 February–5 March992 mbar (29.3 inHg)0SpainFranceCorsicaMaltaItaly
Norberto3–7 March982 mbar (29.0 inHg)0FranceGermany
Ellen18 August – ongoing143 km/h (89 mph)IrelandUnited KingdomPortugal
Francis24 August – ongoing143 km/h (89 mph)IrelandUnited Kingdom
19 windstorms2 October – ongoing230.0 km/h (142.9 mph)920 mbar (27.2 inHg)74 (+12)£895 million
(€1.06 billion)
Windstorm Francis hit Europe /https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/storm-francis-2-windstorms-to-strike-uk-during-august-for-first-time-in-30-years/799457/

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