2021´s first killer tornado: Fultondale, Alabama, F3

Not so far from Gulf Coast, in contact of cold air masses from north with very warm air in the south /arrival of these air masses: https://mkweather.com/2021/01/27/peak-of-winter-in-northern-america-between-5-15-february-southern-usa-under-the-snow-including-grand-canyon//, deadly F3 tornado has appeared in Alabama at night from Monday to Tuesday, 25.-26. January 2021.

It was the first deadly tornado of the year 2021 - 1 person died and 20 - 30 have been injuried in suburb of Birmingham in Fultondale, central Alabama.

Twister was accompanied by severe winds of 150 mph / 242 km/h and many people and weather services have documented destroying power of tornado on Twitter.

Tornado had path length around 10 miles / 16 km and path width around 500 yards / 450 meters.

From Texas to Kentucky severe winds and hailstorms, from New Mexico local tornado and from Arizona winds were reported at the same time.

The USA, Canada and Mexico are preparing for strong winter blasts now, which are expected around 5.-15. Feburary 2021.

It means, that in Caribbean, Mexico or Gulf Coast in the USA will be risk of tornadoes mainly during arrival of Arctic air masses again increased.

The worst tornadoes however, are almost every year reported during the spring months, when Arctic air from the north and tropical air from the south meet over central parts of the USA.

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