New Zealand with the second highest January temperature in history! Ashburton +39,3°C

While Australia experiences with relatively colder and stormy summer, thanks to ongoing La nina pattern /, in New Zealand have fulfilled predictions about very hot Summer 2020/2021, although, in December 2020, summer was starting only very slowly, until the Christmas with temperatures only up to +25°C.

In Ashburton, eastern Southern Island, meteorologists on Tuesday, 26. January 2021 measured record high temperature, +39,3°C, what is the second highest January temperature in New Zealand´s history!

Previously, on 22. January 1908, in Timaru was measured +40,0°C, therefore, Tuesday was the hottest January day in New Zealand for 113 years!

Not only very hot Summer 2020/2021, but mainly in North Island, above average cyclone season is expected (only New Zealand(!)).

Only between 21.-26. January 2021 was peaking summer in Australia, with temperatures up to +45,3°C in Adelaide region / and wildfires across the country.

Last summers in Australia however, temperatures was reaching almost +50°C during the strongest heawtaves and last season (2019/2020), the worst wildfire season in history bothered country.

Now, thanks to La-nina, Southern Hemisphere is coldest almost for last 10 years / and increased tropical activity in the region is furthermore expected /

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