Above Atlantic will develop next potential hurricane, which can hit East Coast soon

After hurricane Douglas and hurricane Hanna in Hawaii and Texas, next potential hurricane will very possibly develop in the West Atlantic.

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Tropical storm Isaiash can cause end of heatwaves in East Coast and Northeast of US, with possible damaging coastal effects - severe winds, waves, heavy rain or floods in the region, already at the beginning of the August 2020.

In 31. July, a hurricane can develop over very warm water in Caribbean region, with SSTs (sea surface temperatures) around +28/+29°C near Cuba. During the first days of August, system will be shifting to north, after possible peaking as hurricane of category 1 or category 2.

After anomalous heatwaves and severe T-storms, people on the East Coast and Northeast won´t have time to any non-extreme weather patterns neither in the last summer month.

Formation of tropical storm near Cape Verde at the last weekend /washingtonpost.com
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