Australia with extreme heatwave and wildfires, Port Augusta near Adelaide +45,3°C

Despite of ongoing La nina, possie peak of Summer 2020/2021 hit last days Australia, from where the hottest days of the year are regionally reported, moreover, after long-term persisting wave of heat, wildfires have spread across the country, including the most populated regions in southeast.

Severe heatwave is here minimally 5 days, but the hottest was the weekend – in Port Augusta, close to Adelaide (South Australia coast), +45,3°C was measured on Sunday, 24. January 2021.

Adelaide reported +42,0°C, parts of Sydney up to +41°C on Sunday and Melbourne +40,5°C on Monday, 24.-25. January 2021.

Canberra reported +38,0°C and Hobart +37,5°C on Monday.

Near Adelaide, large wildfire was bringing a big threat, but problems with wildfires were widespread in all country.

Heatwaves and wildfires are in season 2020/2021 weaker than previous, record year, thanks to La nina pattern and stronger activity of cyclones / and all Southern Hemisphere experienced with the coldest January for last almost 10 years /

At the same time such in Australia, record heatwave however have suffered Patagonia (new all-time record, +43,8°C) / and widlfires hit in Chile /

In Australia is currently quite difficult to find the middle way between COVID restrictions and summer outdoor activities.

After heatwave, coldwave with severe storms hit regions on southern coast, next big heatwave is possible in th second February 2021 pentade (+near Darwin, tropical system should bring regional floods).

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