Baghdad with new all-time high temperature record, +51,8°C/125°F, Syria +50,0°C, Israel +44,2°C; +53°C is in Iraq expected

Extremely heatwaves in Turkey and Russia in July 2020 were linked with extremely hot air mass, persisting over northern Middle East.

The most extreme days region alives these days – in Baghdad on Wednesday 29. July 2020 meteorologist measured all-time maximum temperature record, +51,8°C / 125°F and on Thursday is expected, that temperatures can reach +53°C / +127°F. It won´t be so far from national temperature record +53,8°C / 129°F from Basra, 23. July 2016 and Asian continental record from Mittribah, Kuwait, +53,9°C from 21. July 2016 /;;

Extremely hot is these days in Syria and Israel, too. In Syrian city Hassakah was measured on Wednesday +50,0°C / 122°F and in Isreali Eilat +44,2°C / 112°C. Is possible that this air can move during first half of August 2020 to Turkey, Caucasian area and parts of Eastern Europe, mainly Black sea region.

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Author: marekkucera
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