Barquisimeto and Cabudare, Venezuela with severe floods

Parts of Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador are still experiencing heavy rains, as a result of regional floods.

While in southern parts of South America, extreme coldwave was replaced by hot tropical days /one of the next Mkweather articles/, in northernmost parts of the continent still persist rainy La nina summer (northward from the Equator).

In the last few days, severe storms hit mainly parts of Venezuela, with severe floods in cities Barquisimeto and Cabudare /videos below/.

Venezuela´s capital, Caracas, was moreover hit by Hurricane Elsa storm systems, with additional floods in the area in early July 2021.

In the next 16 day period, the next heavy rainfall is forecasted mainly in northwestern parts of South America, with accumulated rainfall up to 1000 mm and the next possibility of flash floods in a wide region.

Heavy rainfall is reported from parts of Central America too and northward from the shores of South America and above the Atlantic between South America and Africa, the net tropical storm or hurricane development is expected until the end of July 2021 /information will be updated as soon as possible/.

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Author: marekkucera
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