Catastrophic floods in Nepal´s biggest river and in neighboring Bihar province, India

A catastrophic flood on the Kosi, Nepal’s biggest river is bringing since the start of the monsoon season in June 2021 one of the worst conditions in the region in history.

A death toll from monsoon flood reaches 51, 60 people are missing and 35 injured across Nepal since June.

Monsoon season 2021 already caused more than Rs. 60 million in damages from floods, landslides.

In some regions, floodwater is high up to the roofs of houses.

The flood situation further deteriorates in the northern part of the state Bihar, the neighboring province of India, southward from Nepal.

After heavy rains in the catchment areas of Nepal, the water levels of the Burhi Gandak, Bagmati, and Adhwara rivers are flowing above the danger levels, too.

The flood situation in India’s Bihar worsens, causing deaths, migration, and property damage as heavy monsoon season arrived earlier than usual in 2021.

Heavy rainfall until the end of July 2021 is still forecasted mainly in windward regions of the subcontinent – mainly in Himalayas and along Kerala coast. Regionally should fall 1000 mm, locally up to 1500 mm in 16 days until 28. July 2021.

On the other hand, increased humidity is strongly associated with a decrease in COVID-19 cases in the region. Extremely dry tropical air in Spring 2021 brought an extreme outbreak of pandemic and immediately after the arrival of monsoon rains, numbers decreased very quickly.


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