Beijing -26°C: The lowest December temperature since 1978

Extreme cold air from Siberia already has shifted above Eastern Asia, with extreme frosts in China, Japan and Korea.

All-time temperature records reported at the end of December 2020 large region in northeastern and eastern China, including Beijing, where was measured -26,4°C / -15,5°F on 30. December – the lowest December temperature since 1978.

“Warm” Shanghai reported -6,2°C ( 20.8°F) on 30. December.

Extreme low temperatures up to -32,6°C hit Japan, too, with provincial lowest December temperatures in all-time history, moreover, many regions in Japan report record snowfall /peak of Winter 2020/21 in Japan and Kuril Islands will be a topics of next articles/.

North Korea is reporting -28,0°C (Pungsan) and South Korea -15,3°C (Cholwon) on 2. January 2021.

in Tulihe, northern China (737 MASL), temperatures has dropped to -43,3 – -43,6°C every day of period 26.-29. December 2020, with Arctic maximum temperature only -24,3°C on 28. December 2020.

Extreme frosts in Easter Asia are coming after strongest frosts since 1995 – 2002 in Oymyakon, Norway and Finland /; and during extreme blocking circulation, with the highest and lowest air pressure in extratropical pressure systems in history /;

Thanks to strong atmospheric blocking and subsequent strong NAO- and AO- phases, next coldwaves are expected in southeastern Siberia and Eastern Asia around 5.-8. January and 12.-15. January 2021. It is possible, that will be measured even stronger, historic frosts.

Next 2 extreme coldwaves hit Siberia and Eastern Asia between 5.-8. January and between 12.-15. January 2021 /,

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