Big forecast for Central Europe: All-day frosts in metropolitan areas, valleys aims to -20°C

In Central Europe, the most populated geomorphological units are most often the warmest parts of lowlands, where are situated the biggest metropolitan areas of the region.

Incoming coldwave will bring in a lot of big cities in the region all-day frosts during the next 10 days, while in the big cities in the mountains, but still below 800 MASL, temperatures below -10°C are expected.

The worst situation should be in Carpathian and Alpine valleys and blizzard basins, when it should be extremely cold - rarely up to -20°C during next period.

Already on Wednesday, in the middle of anticyclone with T850 hPa around +10°C, has appeared unexpectedly very strong frosts in Austria - in St. Johann / Pongau, only -14,6°C /

On Monday, 30. November, T850 hPa -10°C is in the region expected, what is 20 degrees less, than during a synoptic situation, when it was measured -14,6°C in Austria on Wednesday, 25. November 2020.

Although, air should be humid yet, next days (first days of December 2020) it appears for next temperature inversion and possible even stronger frosts in valleys, very probably around -20°C, rarely.

Temepratures should be regionally lower than as forecast models expect, because during frosts, often are measured stronger frosts such than show models, mainly during foggy days with subsequent clear nights.

Winter 2020/2021 is here and it will begin with colder weather, what is for this period in continental Europe usual.

In cold and dry weather moreover, COVID-19 is spreading more quickly according researches, therefore will be careful next minimally 2-3 weeks, because warming up is expected only around 20. December in western and at the end of the year 2020 in central parts of Europe. /;

Comparison of T850 hPa on Wednesday, 25. November, when was measured -14,6°C in Austria (634 MASL) and 30. November 2020 during Arctic blast in Central Europe /

10-day forecasts for the warmest, metropolitan cities in Central Europe until 5. December 2020 (between 6.-12. December is the next, even stronger coldwave forecasted) /

Vienna, Austria:

Innsbruck, Austria:

Prague, Czechia:

Karlovy Vary, Czechia:

Bratislava, Slovakia:

Poprad, Slovakia:

Budapest, Hungary:

Warsaw, Poland:

Zakopane, Poland:

Berlin, Germany:

Munich, Germany:

Zurich, Switzerland:

Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Miercurea Ciuc, Romania:

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