Bolivia, +42,0°C, Paraguay +41,2°C, northern Argentina +41,5°C and southern Brazil +40,2°C

South America reports after Winter 2021 series of alternating severe frosts with record heatwaves another powerful heatwave, which is worsening of persisting drought and crop failures.

Maximum temperatures are reaching anomalously high, up to +42°C and already at the start of Spring 2021, it appears that seasonal forecasts about the hot season will be successful /

La Nina-driven weather patterns in the last months are bringing very sharp changes of weather into South-American the most populated areas, the last heatwave was peaking on 2.-3. September 2021 and brought these anomalous temperatures:

+42,0°C was measured in San Matias, Bolivia on 2. September 2021.

+41,5°C was observed in Rivadavia, northern Argentina on 2. September 2021 (August record for the city I +41,2°C, therefore it was very probably at the level of temperature records for early September /,_Salta/).

+41,2°C was reported from Paraguay on 2. September 2021.

+40,2°C was observed in Cuiabá, southern Brazil on 3. September 2021 (August record +41,8°C,

Alternating extreme heatwaves with Antarctic blasts with frosts and ground frosts have a very negative effect on regional harvest, with a result of severe drought, in northern parts wildfires and in some cases on increasing a price of commodities such as coffee or oranges.

In outlook, 2 relatively strong coldwaves are forecasted firstly for Chile and Argentina, later for Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and southern Brazil, with peaks around 9. and 18. September 2021.



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