China reports 50-year frosts: Beijing (city) -19,6°C, the lowest temperature since 1966

After -26,0°C in higher situated areas in Beijing metropolitan region (1200 MASL) it is coming more than 50-year frosts to Beijing city.

On Thursday, 7. January 2021 was measured in Beijing the lowest temperature since 1966, only -19,6°C /

In continental parts of China, temperatures are very closely to -50°C these days.

Extreme frosts are reported from Kroean Peninsula, too, Samjiyon in North Korea reports temperature minimum -32,4°C and temperature maximum only -22,0°C, Taegwallyong in South Korea reports Arctic day, with -21,7°C / -11,2°C.

Historic coldwave is shifting from eastern China above Korea and Japan these moments and on Friday and at the weekend, 8.-10. January 2021, absolute peak of Winter 2020/2021 in the region is expected.

Extreme winter conditions hit northern, mountainous parts of Southeastern Asia, too, mainly Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

Until the end of January 2021, next extreme coldwaves are possible in Far East and northeastern China.

Current extreme frosts are coming after a series of unusual weather events across Northern Hemisphere since Christmas 2020:

Firstly, it was extremely snowfall in Japan and NW China in December 2020 /;;, then extreme frosts in Oymyakon, Siberia / and anomalous blocking situation above Siberian-Aleutian region /; and finally, extreme coldwaves across East Asia, which least until these days /;;


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