Delhi, India with the coldest November in modern history

After the coldest October in 58 years northern India reports the coldest November in modern history, has informed server

Extremely cold weather war persisting not only in India´s capital city, Delhi, but too in large parts of northern India.

Region hit strong winter monsoon, with dry and cold weather last 2 months after very rainy summer monsoon season with severe floods.

Average minimum temperature in November 2020 in Delhi was only +10,2°C, what is the lowest temperature since 1949. Only 3 colder Novembers were observed in 1930, 1931 and 1938.

On 29. November, minimum temperature has dropped only to +6,9°C / 44.2°F , too the coldest temperature minimum since 1949.

Above monsoon Asia are very dynamic conditions since September, after La nina oficially begun. With wet MJO these 2 patterns are bringing lot of rains to southern parts of Asia, with results of colder weather in northern regions. We can imagine it by way, that strong cyclones in the south pull cold continental air to the southern regions, with direction in the middle of these tropical systems.

Mkweather in Winter forecast 2020/2021 for Asia / expects dry winter in the north and humid winter in the south of India and in Sri Lanka. In the northernmost parts of India, in Himalayan and Kashmir regions, many snowfall is this year possible.

Simultaneously, southern edge of Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka reports next tropical storm Burevi, making landfall and next floods at the beginning of December 2020.

Tropical storm Burevi will be a topic of next article on Mkweather.

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