Tropical storm Burevi hit India and Sri Lanka

After powerful cyclone Nivar /;, next tropical threat hit southern India and Sri Lanka.

Tropical storm Burevi has developed last days above Bay of Bengal and on Wednesday, 2. December 2020 has brought severe floods in parts of southern India and Sri Lanka.

All factors for cyclogenesis in Indian ocean were and next weeks will be favorable and after Nivar and Burevi should appear next tropical threats, yet.

There are 2 possible scenarios of forecasted stormtrack of the system and its remnants – the first above Arabian sea, with remnants shifting towards Yemen or Oman and the second on parabolic stromtrack into Mumbai region until the half of December 2020.

While southern India is bothered by cyclones and tropical storms, in the north was last 2 months extremely cold – in Delhi with the coldest October since 1962 and the coldest November since 1949 /

Winter 2020/2021 forecast for India is dry (and cold) for northern parts and humis for southern India and Sri Lanka, with tropical threats /


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