Extreme storm hits Northeast on 30. November - 1. December 2020

After Thanksgiving storms, even stronger storm, on its back side with blizzard conditions hits eastern USA - mainly Northeast and eastern Midwest, from 30. November to 1. December 2020.

Forecast tools expect really heavy rainfall and snowfall near extreme strong winds, up to 120 km/h on the coast.

In some coastal states, up to 6 inches / 150 mm of rain should fall during the event and in Ohio region, up to 2 inches / 50 mm / 50 cm of snow is forecasted.

Winter therefore welcome many Americans, but too Canadians with extremely unfavorable weather and in neighboring parts Northeast with Midwest, with a blizzard conditions, too.

In New York, cooldown from maximum temperatures +15°C on Monday, 0. November to maximum temperatures only to +5°C on Wednesday is expected, in Chicago, maximum temperature reaches only +1°C on Monday and Tuesday and in Buffalo on Wednesday.

On the back side of a system, Arctic air masses floods almost all territory of the USA, but later, thanks to AO- phase, they will shift to the southern regions, while in the north (mainly Northern Plains) will be gradually warmer than usually.

Mkweather will be watching Monday´s storm - mainly wind gusts, rainfall and snowfall and brings fresh news about this event.

Infographics: wxcharts.com

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