France: Last +35°C on Friday 4. September

In outlook until 20. September isn´t hotter day than Friday, 4. September 2020 in France.

During Friday, very hot air with tropical origin will shift over southern and central France and temperatures could reach +35/+36°C across southern parts of country and around +30°C in central parts of France.

After heatwave will come cold front, with storms and appreciable cooldown, with possible ground frosts in low situated basins and valleys /

Temperatures around +30°C could arrive around next weekend, yet, but so hot than on Friday it would´t have to be.

In mid-September 2020 comes probably last tropical heatwave to the northern parts of France and Central Europe before significant autumn cold blast /

Then, extreme storms caused by pressure lows with tropical origin are possible.

Temperature in 850 hPa, in 2 m over France and T850 hPa above Europe on Friday /,

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Author: marekkucera
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