Helsinki: 61 cm of snow, N/E Finland up to -40°C

Extreme Siberian winter bother all Europe, including Finland. Country is sinked into frosts and buried under the snow.

Only recently, we have informed about the worst blizzard for 10 years and 40-degree frosts in Sweden /

From Sweden, blizzard conditions have shifted above Finland and Estonia in last days, and after severe frosts up to -39,1°C in Kittila (Thursday, 14. January 2021), severe snowstorm have brought even more snowfall and big parts of Finland now report around 30-40 cm +/-20 cm of snow.

The worst situation, with 61 cm of snow was in lthe middle of workweek in central Gulf of Finland coast, in Helsinki Airport!

Temperatures in 850 hPa during last days over Finland reached below -20°C.

Many people in the cities used their skis and shifted across the streets on them. In some cities was so much a snow, that improvised ski jumps.

Many people, too, used traditional sauna such a a treatment before cold and dry Siberian air /

The next Siberian peak comes into Finland already around 26. January 2021, with possibility of temperatures below -40°C. In Helsinki, snow cover shoud increase in the next period, yet.

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