Historic early Snowstorm in the US, 8. September 2020: A big photo and video-gallery (Rapid City from +40°C to 0°C / 104°F to 32°F)

In Coronach, Saskatchewan, Canada, only on Saturday was measured tropical +31,2°C (88°F) and on Tuesday, the city is reporting the lowest temperature in Canada, only -8,1°C (17°F). It is 71 degrees Farenheit or almost 40 degrees Celsius cooling down for 2 days and a few hours. City is situated only 756 MASL and during last summer decade, after 20. August, temperatures here was reaching of up to +36,7°C (98°F). Saskatoon is reporting only -6,2°C, Regina -4,5°C and Calgary and Edmonton +0,6°C (20-33°F).

The most colder Arctic air will shift over southern parts of Canada and till Wednesday, similar frosts such in Saskatchewan will be measured in Wyoming and Colorado region, on places with clear night and with snow cover.

At 17:00 West-European time on Tuesday, 8. September, temperatures near snowing or clear sky in parts of US has dropped below 0°C (32°F) already - Great Falls reports -1,7°C, Casper, Cheyenne and Riverton -1,1°C. In Glasgow and Rapid City is 0,0°C and Denver and Fargo reports +0,6°C (28-33°F).

In many parts of US has started snowing and people has started share a videos or photos from extraordinary and extreme early snowstorm - the earliest snowstorm with extreme cooldown in US history /https://mkweather.com/2020/09/07/winter-never-comes-so-early-summer-denver-snowstorm-will-be-historic//.

Within the ogimet.com stations, the most has cooled probably in Rapid City, from Saturday´s high +40,0°C (104°F) to 0,0°C (32°F).

In Cheyenne, Wyoming capital, was on Saturday +34,4°C, but on Tuesday morning only -1,1°C (from 94°F to 30°F).

In Denver, Colorado capital, on Saturday maximum temperature reached +38,3°C (101°F), but Tuesday has brought only +0,6°C (33°F) and temperature is still declining!

Till Wednesday, even more snow and even stronger frosts will arrive across hit region and Mkweather will be near it, with new data, photos and videos. Won´t forget to severe storms in Midwest, Great Lakes area and Northeast, where cold front will bring instead of snow extreme storms on enormous temperature gradient.

Infographics: Video- and photogallery of historic snowstorm in the US, 8. September 2020:

Casper, Severe Weather Turkey
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Casper, https://oilcity.news/community/weather/2020/09/08/nws-snow-to-taper-off-tuesday-bitterly-cold-lows-expected-overnight/
Montana, https://www.en24news.com/2020/09/usa-is-a-rare-event-they-slept-in-the-scorching-heat-and-woke-up-with-the-snow.html
Montana, https://www.en24news.com/2020/09/usa-is-a-rare-event-they-slept-in-the-scorching-heat-and-woke-up-with-the-snow.html

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