Hungary -35,5°C: All-time national record!

Siberian winter in Central Europe hit in full power!

On Saturday, we will start untraditionally from the southwest – form Hungary, where has very probably fallen all-time national record of minimum temperature from 1940.

In Bükk Platteau, northeastern Hungary, meteorologists measured -35,5°C what is the coldest temperature in the country in history! / Measurements on this station are provided since 2009.

Old all-time record was measured in Miskolc-Görömbölytapolca on 16. February 1940, -35,0°C.

In lower situated populated regions in northern Hungary, temperature accrording to dropped up to -27,1°C on Saturday.

Extreme winer conditions are in Hungary forecasted minimally all next week /

Series of historic Siberian frosts frosts hit already on Friday almost all Europe /;;;;;;; and frosts were in many parts in Saturday morning even more extreme.

Important factors for declining of temperatures are mainly extremely low relative humidity and high snow cover /; and important circulation factors are mainly peaking La nina / and extreme strong negative phase of Arctic Oscillation /

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