Hurricane Paulette hits Bermuda and then intensifies to Category 3

From 6 watched disturbances over North Atlantic, the strongest, Paulette, hits Bermuda on early Monday, 14. September 2020 and then intensifies to Cat 3 hurricane till Tuesday.

Paulette developed from a tropical wave on September 7 and almost a week it has shifted over Atlantic westward.

After system hits Bermuda, trajectory will change a direction to northward and then eastward and will start weakening on the way towards Europe.

In Bermuda, hurricane warnings are valid, with expected rain up to 6 inches (150 mm), severe winds and life-threatening surf and rip currents.

From next 6 disturbances, the most dangerous is expected Hurricane Sally, which early next week hits a New Orleans as hurricane Category 1. About Sally, we will prepare one from the next articles.

For now, any next big threats instead of Paulette and Sally aren´t expected over North America, Caribbean and Atlantic islands, but next 4 systems are watched. Mkweather will be bringing fresh news linked with a topic of Atlantic hurricane season during the next period.

Current tropical threats over North Atlantic /, NOAA:


Statistic linked with recorded Atlantic hurricane season 2020:

Hurricane Paulette forecasts /

Predicted arrival of ex-hurricanes Paulette and Rene over coasts of Europe, next 16 days /

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