Indian summer - Day 4: Italy +27,3°C, Germany +21,9°C, but first frosts in Greece, now, Italy, Balkan, East-Central and Eastern Europe expects peak of warm spell

Warm air on the front side of remnants of storm Barbara / is shifting eastward and despite of continuing floods in southern Greece /, almost all Central Europe, Italy, Balkan and Eastern Europe report on Thursday, 22. October 2020 really good weather conditions with relatively high maximum daily temperatures, but morning´s frosts in basins and valleys across Europe.

Although in Alpine region hasn´t been On Thursday, 22.10. so warm such on Wednesday, 21.10. (Grenoble in France +28,0°C / and in Scandinavia hasn´t been so extremely cold such as in Tuesday morning (-16,7°C in Sweden) /, Central Europe has enjoyed expect of the northernmost and westernmost regions sunny and warm weather, in lowlands above +20°C and Italy and Balkan has reported more than +25°C / 77°F (summer days).

In Alghero, NW Sardegna, Italy has been even warmer than in Spain on Thursday, +27,3°C (Porreres in Spain only +27,1°C), but summer days has been reported from Balkan too - in Gevgelija, North Macedonia meteorologists has measured +26,1°C and in Kerkyra, Greece, +25,6°C. Warm weather still persists in southern and eastern France, Socoa has reported +24,8°C (and Paris +20,6°C). In Kragujevac in Serbia has been measured +23,8°C, in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina +23,7°C, in Constanta, Romania, +23,6°C, in Quiteti Stalin, Albania, +23,4°C. From next countries has been over +20°C in Montenegro (Bar, +22,6°C), Malta (Gudja, +22,5°C), Croatia (Gradiste, +22,2°C), Bulgaria (Kurdjali, +22,1°C), Moldova (Stefan-Voda, +21,8°C) or Slovenia (Crnomelj, +20,9°C).

Sunny weather is still in Alpine region - in Switzerland on Thursday with +22,7°C (Delemont), +21,5°C in Lichtenstein (Vaduz) and with +20,9°C in Austria (Dornbirn).

Warm conditions are persisting in northern and eastern parts of Central Europe, with +21,9°C in Germany (Lahr, but +20,5°C has been e.g. in Dresden), Hungary (Baja, +21,0°C) or Poland (Legnica Bartoszow, +21,0°C).

Warm air has arrived to Eastern Europe already, too. Ivano Frankivsk in Ukraine has reported +21,2°C on Thursday.

In Scandinavia, frosts have weakened thanks to remnants of storm Barbara, with next snowfall and rainfall in the region. In Tarfala, Sweden has been measured -11,6°C, in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, -11,2°C and in Nyrud, Norway, -10,1°C. European Russia is colder already, with Thursday´s minimum -12,8°C in Nizhnyaya Pesha near Kanin Peninsula.

In continental Europe, frosts has appeared in Serbia (Sjenica, -4,1°C), Romania (Miercurea Ciuc, -3,9°C), Northern Macedonia (Berovo, -2,0°C), Randstadt (Austria, -0,9°C), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bugojno, -0,8°C). Poprad in Slovakia had +0,1°C and Rujiena in Latvia +0,3°C. Surprise are the first frosts in northern Greece, Florina in 650 MASL has reported -1,4°C on Thursday.

In Crete, next flood wave has arrived during Thursday, with 24-hour rainfall 168 mm (6,6 inches) in Souda.

Storm Barbara has brought 148 km/h wind gusts in Netherlands (Lauwersoog), 112 km/h in Germany (Leuchtturm Kiel), 101 km/h in Poland (Petrobaltic Beta), 96 km/h in the UK (Cairnwell), 93 km/h in Denmark (Hammer Odde) and 89 km/h in France (Bec de L´Agle) on Thursday in lower areas (under 1000 MASL).

According to forecasts, Indian summer will be continue in East-Central Europe and Balkan in some regions up to Wednesday, 28. October and in Eastern Europe even until Friday, 30. October, with possible temperatures up to +28°C in Italy and Balkan, around +23°C in East Central Europe and possible summer temperatures (+25°C) in Crimea, Ukraine.

Mkweather will watch reached maximum and minimum temperatures during the next phases of Indian summer and bring fresh news during incoming period.


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