It has never been so hot so late, or ever: Los Angeles County with new all-time record 121°F (+49,4°C), Phoenix 50 days over 110°F in 2020

In Los Angeles was measured 111°F (44°C) on Sunday, which smashed their daily record for 6. September 102°F (39°C) and this temperature ended only 2°F below all-time record of maximum temperature in the city, 113°F (45°C) (1872-2020). It has never been so hot in LA so late.

National Meteorological Sevice (NWS) reported 121°F (+49,4°C) in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles County, what has become the highest measured maximum temperature in Los Angeles county ever. Previous record 119°F (+48,3°C) was measured in July 2006.

From Monday to Wednesday, a strong offshore winds are expected in California, with worsening of wildfire situation across country. Between affected areas are these days San Diego, San Bernardino or Fresno.

Severe winds are expected on Tuesday according to Mkweather warnings in the whole territory of Southwest, West and West- Central US, with possible wind gusts up to 120 km/h (75 mph). Powerful cold front brings snow to northern Utah, New Mexico and Texas. All Colorado and Wyoming will be under snow thanks to earliest snowstorm linked with extreme cooldown in US history /

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, 50 days with reached temperature over 110°F was achieved. Previous record 33 days from 2011 was overcomed already in early August 2020. In New York, summer 2020 was +4,1°F and in Burlington +4,8°F hotter than average.

It´s interesting, that after so extremely hot summer will arrive first winter snowstorm to parts of US so early – Arctic Amplification /;; is linked with really unexpected surprises during more advanced phases of climate change.

The view from a Cal Guard Chinook helicopter Saturday night rescuing people trapped after the Creek Fire in central California left them stranded. (Accuweather:

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Fall of temperatures acrros parts of US from Monday to Wednesday /

Mkweather warnings for Tuesday, 8. September 2020:

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