Lot of European countries with first frosts of winter season last 4 mornings (19.-22.9.)

On Friday, 18. September we have informed, that in Denmark and Slovakia has occurred the first frosts of winter season in continental Europe (Denmark -1,3°C and Slovakia -0,5°C) /https://mkweather.com/2020/09/18/first-frosts-in-lowlands-and-basins-across-continental-europe-denmark-13c-29-7f-slovakia-05c-31-1f-lot-of-countries-with-ground-frosts-france-still-34-36c//.

From Saturday to Tuesday, 19.-22. September 2020, the frosts were even stronger and hit many countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Although the strongest and widespread frosts are longer time reported mainly in Scandinavia, with national temperature minimum -5,6°C in Sweden, -5,3°C in Norway and -4,5°C in Finland during last 4 days, strong frosts has arrived to Carpatian basins too – in Romania was measured -2,9°C last days in stations from International Exchange Network, but minimum temperatures in some not available valleys could be around -5°C. Temperatures between -2 and +2°C were measured in next 14 countries and possible ground frosts has appeared in southern Balkan and Belgium, too.

On Saturday, -5,3°C was measured in Folldall-Fredheim, 694 MASL, Norway, -4,2°C in Drevsjo, 672 MASL, Norway, -2,9°C in Miercurea Ciuc, 662 MASL, Romania, -1,1°C in Barth, 7 MASL, Germany, -0,5°C in Zwettl, 506 MASL, Austria, -0,1°C in Jelenia Gora, 342 MASL, Poland, +0,6°C in Isenvad, 60 MASL, Denmark, +1,0°C in Doksany, 158 MASL, Czechia, +1,4°C in Liesek, 692 MASL, Slovakia, +1,4°C in Poprad-Tatry, 694 MASL, Slovakia, +1,8°C in Rivne, 231 MASL, Ukraine, +1,9°C in Baja, 112 MASL, Hungary, +2,3°C in Bragin, 116 MASL, Belarus, +2,9°C in Castleborg, 51 MASL, UK and +3,0°C in Varena, 109 MASL, Lithuania.

On Sunday, -5,6°C was measured in Sweg, 362 MASL, Sweden, -1,9°C in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, -0,2°C in Stende, 79 MASL, Latvia, +0,4°C in Lyntupy, 209 MASL, Belarus, +0,6°C in Geottingen, 167 MASL, Germany, +0,7°C in Ukmerge, 72 MASL, Lithuania, +0,9°C in Miroslawiec, 121 MASL, Poland, +1,0°C in Kuusila, 52 MASL, Estonia, +1,2°C in Magilligen, 6 MASL, UK, +1,4°C in Volodymyr Volynskyi, 193 MASL, Ukraine and +2,0°C in Skvystdrup, 43 MASL, Denmark.

On Monday, -0,5°C was measured in Klicev, 155 MASL, Belarus, +0,5°C in Chernihniv, 139 MASL, Ukraine, +1,1°C in Jogeva, 71 MASL, Ukraine, +1,6°C in Varena, 109 MASL, Lithuania, +2,0°C in Barth, 7 MASL, Germany, +2,0°C in Torun, 69 MASL, Poland, +2,2°C in Aboyne, 140 MASL, UK, +2,2°C in Elseborn, 564 MASL, Belgium, +2,2°C in Zwettl, Austria, +2,5°C in Berovo, 834 MASL, North Macedonia, +2,6°C in Poprad, 694 MASL, Slovakia ad +2,9°C in Davgaupils, 125 MASL, Latvia.

On Tuesday still a few of countries has reported low minimum temperatures: -0,6°C Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, -0,4°C Izium, 77 MASL, Ukraine, +1,0°C Horsens, 22 MASL, Ukraine, +1,6°C Miroslawiec, Poland, +1,7°C Vasilovici, 142 MASL, Belarus, +2,6°C varena, Lithuania, +2,8°C Diepenbeek, 37 MASL, Belgium, +2,8°C Poprad, Slovakia and +2,8°C Zwettl, Austria.

In these countries, real minimum national temperatures in mountainous valleys could be 2-4°C lower, because in International Exchange Network is available less than 1/3 all meteorological stations, usually.

In continental Europe, we experience with warmer weather till Friday, but subsequently, strong, extreme and long coldwave is prepared during last September days in Europe /https://mkweather.com/2020/09/21/bad-weather-in-europe-soon-20-c-below-average-cold-and-rain-apls-120-cm-of-snow//.

Map – reached national minimum temperatures in Europe 19.-22. September 2020 /ogimet.com

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