New Zealand with the first significant snowfall of the Winter

Severe Antarctic blast hit in last hours New Zealand.

Many regions reported snowing, in densely populated parts often the first significant snowing of the year, with creating a snow cover.

The coldest is on Tuesday, 29. June 2021 in Waiouru, 818 MASL, with the maximum temperature only +2,6°C, from metropolitan cities, Dunedin reported in the morning +0,6°C, Christchurch +1,5°C, Auckland +2,9°C or Wellington +4,8°C.

In the mountains in southern South Island, up to 50 cm of fresh snow was forecasted.

Marines have bacome more dangerous after powerful Antarctic blast.

The North Island capital city of Wellington was according to BBC Weather lashed by the worst tidal storms in years, as huge swells hit the shoreline.

According to Met Service of New Zealand, snowing was forecasted for altitudes 100 – 600 MASL, in some parts it should be heavy snowfall.

Maximum temperatures in Christchurch and Dunedin wider regions should reach on Tuesday, 29. June only around +5°C.

According to long-term forecasts, winter won´t be lasting very long and already around 5. July, +13°C in 850 hPa above New Zealand with possible regional temperatures above +25°C is forecasted.

The next Antarctic blast is forecasted for the country around 10.-15. July 2021.


Source: MetService, NZ
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